Transfer of Scientific knowledge, Fuel and Society

Transfer of scientific knowledge is an important issue regarding links between Research and Society. The Institute of Human Palaeoecology and Social Evolution (IPHES) at Tarragona, Spain, directed by Eudald Carbonell, has a long tradition on socialization of the research production at different levels. At IPHES, Cinta Bellmunt is in charge of the communication section and coordinates the different media : blogs, social networks, radio, newspapers and television.

The IPHES blog provides an international scale difusion that is also widespread through facebook, twitter and youtube. At a local scale two media collaborate with IPHES the local radio and newpaper. Tarragona radio has since 2012 a live section during its morning show “El matí de Tarragona radio”. The section, named Evoluciona, is carried out at the Institute on tuesday’s morning every 15 days. The program includes interviews to researchers presenting news on different aspects of their research. The local newspaper, “Diari de Tarragona” has a section that comes out every two sundays. Last Sunday’s editorial was entitled “Energetic resources and Society” and includes some news on the UISPP2014 session “An Archaeology of Fuel…” that is going to be held next september at Burgos. Here is the pdf.



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